Capital Structure and Shareholders

The company has raised a total of £4.1m in pre and post IPO funding

The company trades on the main market of the London Stock Exchange under the ticker TRR.

Institutional investors represent over 41% of issued share capital on IPO.


Issued share capital comprises 22,000,000 ordinary shares.

There are no options, warrants or other dilutive instruments on issue.

Major Shareholders*


Number of
Ordinary Shares

Percentage of Issued
Ordinary Shares
LIM Advisors
 3 500 000
Tribeca Investment Partners
 2 800 000
Rob Hamilton**
 1 827 145
Ilwella Pty Ltd
 1 250 000
James Kelly
140 000
Carmichael Olowoyo
75 000

Other institutional investors on IPO include: Precision Funds Management, Nero Resource Fund and Regal Funds Management.


* As at Admission to trading on LSE, 1 October 2018

** includes (i) 600,000 Ordinary Shares held by Ashanti Capital of which Rob Hamilton is a 68% shareholder (ii) 1,120,000 Ordinary Shares held by Ashanti Investment Fund, which is an unregulated managed investment scheme of which Ashanti Capital is the sole shareholder of the Trustee (Ashanti Investment Fund Pty Ltd), which has the power to make investment decisions ; and (iii) 107,145 Ordinary Shares held directly